If you’re new to the world of window treatments, it can definitely be overwhelming. It seems like there are a lot of different products, all with different names, that more or less do the same thing, right? Whether you call it window blinds or drapes, they still work to keep light out of a room and to increase privacy. While this may technically be right, there are significant differences between these four products.

At Roomers Window Fashions & More in Las Vegas, we are experts in the window treatment industry and we love talking about home design, how to enhance the look of every room in your home, and how to do this using the right type of treatment, the right color, style, texture, pattern, length, valence, and so much more! So if you’re still a bit confused about, here’s an introduction into window blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes.

Infographic about window coverings

Window Blinds Las VegasCurtains

One of the more popular window treatment options, curtains are panels of fabric that can hang on either side of a window, or pulled across the window for more privacy and to limit light coming in.

  • Details: Curtains tend to be lighter pieces of fabric and also tend to hang from above the window down to the floor, but this can vary depending on the room and the window. Curtains come in all sorts of colors, fabrics, patterns, lengths, and widths.
  • Where to Use Them: While curtains can be used throughout the home, they are commonly used on kitchen or bedroom windows. They are often used in addition to shades.
  • Material: You can choose between a variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, silk, linen, velvet, and lace.
  • Benefits: They filter some, but not all light, creating a comfortable feel in the room.

Window Blinds Las VegasDrapes

These are heavier than curtains and are lined with a fabric that keeps more light out than curtains. Drapes create a formal, or traditional look in the room.

  • Details: Drapes also typically hang from above the window to the floor, and sometimes they may even pool at the floor for a more dramatic effect. They can come in a range of colors and patterns, but many times they are a solid color. Drapes are often pleated rather than flat like curtains.
  • Where to Use Them: Most often used in bedrooms and living rooms, drapes are great for keeping light out and to add a decorative feel. If you’re going for a more formal look in your living room, drapes are a great choice.
  • Material: Drape materials tend to be heavier and stiffer than curtains and can range from velvet, damask, to silk.
  • Benefits: Draperies keep more light out and provide excellent privacy. They also had a more traditional look to the room.

In our next post, we’ll go over the difference between window blinds and shades. If you want to get started choosing your custom window treatments, get in touch with the team at Roomers Window Fashions & More. We make it easy and even fun to choose the type of treatment you want, the style, and more. We’ll even come to your home so you can see and feel the products in the room.

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