Window coverings are a necessary addition to your home, especially if you live on a busy street. They provide you with privacy, can help reduce your energy bill, and are a stylish addition to the interior design of your home. Traditional window coverings are a common choice for many homeowners, but motorized window blinds provide the convenience, sleek appearance, and durability that some traditional window coverings can’t provide. Motorized window blinds add value to homes and are even a safer option than traditional blinds, making them an appealing choice for homeowners who are thinking about home renovations. 

Roomers Window Fashions & More is happy to provide its customer with Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings for blinds, shutters, shades, and drapery. PowerView­® allows you the convenience of controlling all of your window coverings from your smartphone, tablet, and Pebble® Remote Control, so you can adjust how much of the world you see, and how much of the world sees you. For more information about our motorized window coverings from Hunter Douglas, don’t hesitate to contact us today. During your free consultation, we make sure we get the exact measurements, design, color, pattern, and style to fit your home.

Increased Safety

In contrast to other kinds of window coverings that require cords to adjust their height, automated window blinds offer parents peace of mind. Blinds, shutters, drapes, and shades with cords could be safety concerns for children and pets, as these cords could pose hazards like suffocation to those who became tangled in them. Motorized window coverings, on the other hand, are 100% cord and chain-free and therefore do not pose any safety concerns with suffocation or entanglement. 

Greater Security 

Motorized window coverings can be adjusted remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or Pebble® Remote Control. Whether you are gone for a day or a week, you are able to set your window covering to a timed schedule to make it look like someone is home during the day before you close them completely for the night. Non-motorized window coverings don’t allow you the convenience of setting a timed schedule for your blinds, forcing you to leave them closed while you are away, whether you are at work or on vacation. Any potential thieves or burglars will be deterred from trying to enter, or taking a peek inside, your home due to the appearance of someone being home. Motorized blinds make your home a little safer, and make you relax a little more. 

Protection For Furniture, Floors, and Art

It is no secret that harsh and excessive sunlight can place great wear and tear on your furniture and your artwork. Prolonged sunlight can fade your furniture, hardwood floors, artwork, and even family photos. While some may take the necessary measures to close their traditional blinds, there are some that neglect the position of their blinds, thus encouraging sun damage. Motorized window coverings allow you to adjust the placement of your shutters, blinds, shades, and drapery as to prevent as much sun damage as possible. There is nothing to worry about while you are at work during the heat of the day — your blinds have it covered, and all because you created an automated schedule! This helps you maintain the value and integrity of your floor and your art. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

If you are interested in increasing the energy efficiency in your home, getting motorized blinds is a great place to start. Opening and shutting blinds may seem like a trivial task when it comes to saving money, but drawing your blinds during a hot summer’s day can actually help keep out the heat and maximize the amount of cool air circulating around your home without making your air-conditioner run at full blast. During the winter, leverage the heat from the sun and save money on heating your home. Your motorized blinds can be set on a timer or can be used with a sensor to help you save money. 

Greater Convenience

It goes without saying that motorized window coverings are convenient, as they can be adjusted with the press of a button, a remote control, or an app on your smartphone. Maybe you are comfortably sitting down watching a movie and need to close the blinds so the sun isn’t reflecting off your television. All you need to do is press a button — the days of getting up and manually closing your blinds are over! Further, think about how many windows you have in your house and how long you spend every morning and night opening and closing those windows. If you have windows in hard-to-reach places, it is often much easier to adjust them automatically. While this may only save you a couple of minutes each morning and night, it is far less of a hassle than having to climb into a bathtub to close a window in your bathroom. 

With Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings, you can create a timed schedule that will control when your blinds open and when they close. If you’re late getting home, they are already at the position you want them to be at! If you want to utilize the mid-day sun but are at work all day, all you would need to do is set a schedule on your smartphone, and your blinds do the work for you. 

Increased Elegance

No matter how much you tug, it can be difficult to get your shades or drapes at the exact position you want them to be in. By installing Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings, you have total and effortless control over your drapes, shutters, blinds, and shades. They move in one fluid motion to the exact spot you want them to be in, with zero hassle. What’s more is that there are no ugly cords or chains to steal your attention away from your view, also making your space appear less cluttered. 

Discover all the amazing features of the Hunter Douglas motorized window coverings for yourself by installing them today! Set a schedule for your blinds, operate your blinds with your voice or the touch of a button, avoid having to manually adjust your blinds, make your home energy-efficient, and save money on energy bills! There are endless opportunities awaiting you — call us now to experience the benefits! We make the experience as easy as can be by coming to you and providing a free consultation.