Come home from work or take a Sunday to enjoy an oasis in your master bathroom and let the stress melt away.

We can’t all take luxury vacations to five-star hotels with a bathroom the size of our living rooms at home. So when you are at home, why not create a space that is as luxurious as possible? Then you can enjoy that five-star experience year ‘round.

When planning on a design strategy for your bathroom, it’s a great opportunity to take everything you want and love from the greatest bathrooms around and bring them into your home. But the trick is to make the design transition smoothly from your current bedroom to the bathroom. Consider neutral colors that will be able to truly relax without any stressors in the space.

Think about adding some of these elements:

  • A beautiful, elegant soaking tub
  • New sinks, countertops, and backsplashes
  • Exquisite new hardware, including pulls, handles, and faucets
  • A soothing paint color that makes you feel calm
  • Soft and luxurious bath textiles, including towels, washcloths, bath rugs, bathrobes, and drapery for the windows.
  • An elegant vanity (preferably a double vanity if you have room)
  • Stunning framed mirrors, instead of frameless wall-to-wall mirrors
  • Layered lighting for both function and beauty, and maybe even a skylight to bring in natural light

Drapery Get even more ideas for your home oasis:

  • A steam shower
  • Plenty of towel racks, and even heated towel warmers
  • Soaps, scrubs, lotions, and fragrances that please YOU
  • Beautiful smelling candles and aromatherapy
  • A built-in bench or movable chair or stool
  • Built-in storage, to keep chaos to a minimum and maintain a zen calm feeling

It doesn’t take a lot to make your home bathroom an oasis you can’t wait to enter. If you’re planning on redoing your master bath, don’t forget the drapery! The experts at Roomers Window Fashions & More have a variety of options, including materials, patterns, colors, and more. From custom blinds to drapery and top treatments, you can create the perfect environment for you to relax in.

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