Whether you’re moving into a new home or apartment, or simply wanting to redecorate your window coverings, choosing a good set of window treatments can do a lot for your home, like adding warmth and making each room feel more like home. A well-dressed window can really make or break your room’s or even your home’s aesthetic. You don’t need to be an interior designer to style your windows, you just need to have some basic knowledge and simple design rules to turn boring windows into focal points of your home. Keep reading to find out more, and for customized window coverings in Las Vegas, contact Roomers Window Coverings & More. We’re now proud to offer motorized window coverings for convenience and beauty! 

Consider Style and Function When Choosing Length

Choosing the length of your window treatments is important, as a longer fabric creates a formal look and one that’s less functional. Long curtains or drapes are usually meant to be more decorative and can be more of a hassle if you need to move them throughout the day. Floor-length drapes in a “puddle” on the floor create coziness and a sense of elegance. Shorter window coverings are more functional if you expect yourself to be adjusting them frequently, and they may serve a good purpose in a child’s playroom or in the kitchen. Short window coverings are still very visually appealing, but just remember that form follows function. 

Install Blinds if the Architecture Calls For It

Sometimes you’ll be faced with architectural restraints that may not allow you to install rods and curtains, in which case you may need to think about shutters, sheers, and blinds that fit the perimeter of the window frame. For walls with plenty of room, allow yourself to play with some options. If you have the room, hang your curtain one to three inches above the top of the window frame to allow more light and to elongate the windows and use curtains or drapes that fit well in the room. 

Be Wary of Inconsistent Window Treatments

It goes without saying that if it’s your home to design, then you have the creative freedom to choose whatever window treatments you want. That being said, be wary of using different window treatments in each room. One possibility is using the same kind of window treatment for each room, but dressing it up for down depending on the room. This extends to the color of the window treatment as well, as they need to fit the overall look and feel of your home. Consistency can add a homey comfort that you could miss out on with varying window treatments, colors, and styles. 

There are plenty more things to consider, like the hardware you want to pair with each window treatment and the material of the window treatments. While there are some helpful tips out there to help you guide your search, the truth is that you can do whatever you want! The best thing about customized window coverings is that they’re unique to you. Contact Roomers Window Fashions & More for customized window treatments that will frame your view of Las Vegas.